Living In The Moment

I tend to over-plan, over-analyze, and over-strategize. I would like to find the sweet spot, where I live and make decisions from a place that is informed by the past, prepared for the future, but absorbed in the present moment in a state of flow.

In this post I share an experience I had backpacking in the Wind Rivers, a more recent experience sky diving, and a personal affirmation that helps me live in the present moment.

Here’s a video of my sky dive experience, if you’re interested.

2 thoughts on “Living In The Moment

  1. I often find myself in the same boat James, in years past I’ve sweyed between being very good at focusing on the moment naturally as if mind and body were totally connected in the present moments. However, I consistently move from that focus yet again and again, with each passing conflict I encounter. Conflicts, confrontations, possible outcomes, these things seam to take my mind every time I let them, which, is far more than I’d prefer. Thank you for the post, I had been searching your name trying to reach out to you about Monticello College, I’m sure you’ve heard if it, Dr Brooks n’ all.
    And I stumbled across this page. I’ll alhave you know, it is my firm belief that life would be meaningless if the wise and wonderful things could not be shared from our experiences, and our minds, for the growth of the consumers and ourselves. That being said, I will be fallowing yours.

    Glad your doing well.

    – Jamon Mysliwiec


  2. Jamon, it’s really great to hear from you. It’s been so long! I really like your comment and love that you’re trying to live a mindful life. Tain’t easy. Feel free to email me anytime or swing by if you come through St. George. Would be fun to catch up.


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